Two Story Office – Warm Shell Building

Two Story Office - Warm Shell Building


Corona, CA


Salim Development


MCG Achitecture Inc



Services/Project Type

Structural Engineering
Seismic Design

This project consists of new construction for two-story structure. This structure consists of approximately 7,900 sqft two levels office building in the Corona California area. Second level is a composite floor with steel beams/trusses and the roof framing consists of steel joists with a metal deck system. This structure will offer the client a larger space to rent to their the potential tenants and local business office spaces in the Corona area. The lateral resisting system is made of light frame wood shear walls for both levels and act as the vertical lateral resisting system; the second level will consist of composite floor metal deck as the horizontal lateral resisting system and the roof level will also consist of a metal deck distributing lateral forces to the designated vertical lateral resisting systems at this level.

House of Engineers Inc is providing the structural engineering design which incorporates the latest design provisions for seismic design and analysis. This structure is designed using steel construction and it is fully designed and detailed by our team of licensed structural engineers in the state of California.

House of Engineers, Inc.

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