Healthcare and Education

House of Engineers Inc will assist in performing the following milestones for health care facilities:

1. Non-structural Performance Categories (NPC) Ratings (NPC 1-5) – must be at NPC 3 / NPC 3R:

Architectural Tasks

  • Cutting and patching interior ceiling including replacing ceiling joists and ceiling lids.
  • Add wall mount equipment at interiorpartitions.
  • Cutting openings in interior stud walls for recess wall mount equipment that weigh heavier than 20 Lbs. such as eyewash stand and other equipment.
  • Cutting openings in concrete slabs and providing strengthening of the slab due to the loss of steel/rebar.
  • Fixed basket storage wall mount units and wire shelving.

      These baskets are anchors at base to slab and anchored at top to stud walls with backing. Screen wall at roof level to hide the mechanical/electrical roof top units.

Mechanical and Electrical Tasks

  • Air handling unit at roof level

  • Chiller unit at roof level

  • Expansion tank anchor with wood pad.

  • Exhaust fan VFD anchorage made of Unistrut system at roof level.

  • Screen wall mounted on the exterior of building with vertical duct support.

  • Floor mount equipment includes: Horizontal airflow workstation, biological safety cabinets, freezers/ refrigerators.

  • Typical pipe and pipe trapeze anchorage details and duct typical support.

  • Single Conduit and trapeze conduit anchorage details.

  • Both lateral and vertical suspended supports.

  • New support structure (Unistrut system) for a control panels at roof level.

  • Installation of wall mount for a new switch panel at interior partition.

2. Structural Performance Category (SPC) Ratings & Definitions SPC 2

Buildings in compliance with the pre-1973 California Building Standards Code or other applicable standards, but not in compliance with the structural provisions of the Alquist Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act. These buildings do not significantly jeopardize life but may not be repairable or functional following strong ground motion. These buildings must be brought into compliance with the structural provisions of the Alquist Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act, its regulations or its retrofit provisions by January 1, 2030, or be removed from acute care service.

* Educational Institutes are performed in very similar manner and submitted to DSA office for review and permit.

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