Residential Structures

House of Engineers will meet the client’s aesthetics, budget, size, building functionality, and schedule to develop and design the best fit for our clients. House will work with licensed architects and general contractors to make the design and construction process as smooth as possible. House of Engineers hires licensed structural engineers who are licensed in the state of California, Nevada, Texas, and Illinois. The structural engineers will lead through every step of the project and make the design as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Our Residential Design Process:

Concept Sketches

During this first phase, we will work with the building owner and architects to develop a building concept and sketch.  This initial drawing will help to plan dimensions, structural framing, and constructability.

Design Development

At this phase, the project begins to take shape and get a kick start. Structural systems are finalized, mechanical requirements are defined, façade and interior elements are specified, and we are on our way to the next phase of the construction documents. We have now identified potential construction costs and material specifications for the owner (client) and estimators to evaluate.  

Construction Documents

At this phase, we are ready to present our client with working, permit-ready drawings. This phase represents 95% completion of the total project. Technical specifications and structural calculations are finalized in this phase and we as the structural engineering consultants to the building owner present our structural solutions.

Construction Administration

During this final phase, we can assist the building owner and architects in executing the construction phase and making sure plans are followed. We can perform the due diligence necessary to select the appropriate contractors for the completion of the work.  We can also perform the necessary structural observations and inspections set forth by the building codes to ensure that the structure is being constructed per our specifications.

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