Policy Intent Notices (PINs) 74 & 75 @ Skilled Nursing & Health Care Facilities


The main purpose of each PIN is to provide a policy for the implementation of current code requirements to Health Care facilities to maintain the availability of life-saving procedures and equipment functions during any seismic events. The following PINS are the latest issued by HCAi with an effective date of 12/12/2022.

PIN 74: Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Alternate Source of Power:

This PIN is regarding the upgrade from a previously required 6 hours of on-site fuel storage for emergency power system sources which have not been required to provide emergency power for cooling systems. From AB 2511, PIN 74 now requires no fewer than 96 hours for power outrages that result from a public safety power shutoff, an emergency, a natural disaster, or other causes. To supply this type of power, alternative source of power is a source of electricity that is not received from an electric utility, but is generated or stored on site. This may include emergency generators using fuel, large-capacity batteries, and renewable electrical generation facilities. These requirements are to be enforced by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) by January 1, 2024.

PIN 75: Hospital Seismic Safety Public Notices & Annual Status Update Reporting:

This PIN is regarding AB1882 with the aim to raise awareness of a general acute care hospital compliance with the seismic safety regulations or standards outlined in the Alfred E. Alquist Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act of 1983. Implementation will be through public notices, signage, and postings on the hospital campus, and through the HCAi website. Postings will display the current Seismic Performance Category (SPC) to the public and patients allowing annual status updates until compliance is achieved.

On and after July 2023 general acute hospital building owners shall perform both tasks annually unit that the hospital building owner is compliant with section 130065 (a) including all pertinent information regarding the building’s expected earthquake performance in emergency training, response, and recovery plans, and (b) include all relevant information regarding the building’s expected earthquake performance in capital outlay plans.

On or before January 1, 2024, and annually thereafter, the owner of an acute care inpatient hospital that includes a general acute care building that is not SPC-3/NPC-5, SPC-4D/NPC-5, SPC-4/NPC-5, or SPC-5/NPC-5 shall provide an annual status update on the Structural Performance Category (SPC) ratings of the buildings and the services provided in each hospital building on the hospital campus to all of the following entities:

(1) The county board of supervisors in the jurisdiction the hospital is located.
(2) the city council
(3) Any labor union representing workers who work in a general acute care building that is not SPC-3/NPC-5, SPC-4D/NPC-5, SPC-4/NPC-5, or SPC-5/NPC-5.
(4) The board of directors of the special district or joint powers agency that provides fire and emergency medical services in the jurisdiction in which the hospital building is located, if applicable.
(5) The department.
(6) The board of directors of the hospital.
(7) The local office of emergency services or the equivalent agency.
(8) The Office of Emergency Services.
(9) The medical health operational area coordinator.

The annual reporting period to HCAi should be between Nov. 1st through Dec. 1st. The report shall be submitted electronically using the HCAi eService Portal located on the HCAI website.